Fleeing The Complex


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Fleeing The Complex

Fleeing the complex is one in the genre of the strategy games. After exciting Henry Stickman’s adventures game series has made great success, Fleeing the complex game is now coming back to make it shoot with amazing features and new exciting challenges.

Right from the start, players will be brought to a distant land by the trailer in the beginning of the game. There are mountains which are fully covered by snow and a small prison in that land. In the prison, the prisoners are very infamous but intelligent criminals from all over the world. Henry is one of the criminals who just have been imprisoned there.


In the game, you are in an adventure with Henry and you have to help Henry Stickman to escape from the prison by your wonderful plans and strategies. Therefore, Henry Stickman can break the bank and escape from the prison as soon as possible.

Walkthrough of Fleeing the complex

Walkthrough of Fleeing the complex is quite simple, you just have to consider the circumstances, imagine what can happen, and make a decision, then, click your mouse on the options on the screen. There are icons of tools, weapons and action. You click on the icon and make the character do whatever you want. It is so simple because you can do so many manipulations like other games.


Escape the complex is a very interesting strategy role-playing game. Players have to think carefully before making a decision so that players and Henry Stickman can escape as soon as possible. If players are too slow or players make a wrong decision, they can be trapped in the prison again or even may be killed.

Fun facts about fleeing the complex game

Being released in 2015, Fleeing the complex game may be similar to other adventurous games in general, but what make the game different from other games is that players win or lose completely depends on the strategy of players. Players have to make a totally correct decision.

Players have to choose what to do, which way to go on, which tools are suitable for them and all of these things will help them a lot when they try to break in any rooms. Moreover, they may help when players want to avoid troubles while trying to escape from the prison.

In the whole adventure, players may meet old friends from the versions before of the new friends have just appeared in this version.
The dangerous adventures of Henry Stickman bring players from this surprise to another, one by one. In this latest version, Fleeing The Complex game has been upgraded and equipped the maps, so that players will can move in the prison more easily than other version.

Furthermore, players can even watch where they have been again. The clock bar is right on the top corner of the screen, so that you can observe the clock and try your best to win the game as fast as possible. There are 5 endings in the game, they differs depending on your decision.

There are 4 main characters in the game: Henry stickman, Charles, Toppat Leader and Elilie. Besides, there are 2 villains called Warden and Gregory. There are not only these characters in the game. There are so many other characters that will help you a lot in the whole adventure.
Features of Fleeing the complex is not very outstanding, and fussy, so if you install the game in your computer, it does not take up too much of your computer memory. The game is now available and free for browser in computers, smart phones or tablets……

When you play Fleeing the complex game, it requires you so many skills and strategies, so that you can always make correct decision in each step to go on the game. If you loves this adventurously escaping kind of games, this game is what you cannot ignore.

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